At Bass Opticians we have a range of lenses to suit every occasion and lifestyle

Essilor Lenses supplied by A J Bass Opticians

We are Essilor Varilux lens specialists and have up to date and in depth knowledge of all their lens designs.

X Series

With reduced head movement and increased near vision depth, it is the ideal lens for people that are digitally connected or needing that extra comfort with near vision tasks.

E Series

The Varilux E Series lens has reduced the “swim and sway” in lenses by 50% making it the ideal lens for first time all distance lens wearers.


We supply all types of Bifocals and Trifocals to suit all needs.

Single Vision

Single vision lenses that can adapt to our every day lives.


See. Protect. Prevent.

For those who spend a lot of time on digital devices, and suffer with eye fatigue and strain. Eyezen lens look to solve that issue. With UV Light Protection and enhanced blue-violet light reduction,visual fatigue can be reduced and clarity of small characters can be improved with Eyezen Focus.

Road Pilot

We aren’t just struggling with digital devices and close vision, We are being effected with LED headlights and adverse weather conditions. Essilor Road Pilot with its Crizal Drive finish that reduces reflections by 90% can be the answer.

Specialist lens

Ask our lens specialists about our vocational lens developed for sport, driving and office work.

Sunwear – Summer is coming

Are you going on holiday? Thinking of getting a pair of light adaptive lens? Then pop into branch and discuss your options with a member of the team.

To find more out about any of these lens please visit Essilors website


Adidas sports eye wear provides a solution for all your sporting needs, whether homing in on the summit of a mountain or processing the corners of the mud track; Adidas sports eye wear provides a range of lens to keep you alert and in tune with your surroundings.You can choose direct glazing or clip-in solutions to cater for your every need.


Crizal Prevencia

Essilor X series

Essilor Road Pilot

Essilor Crizal Sapphire

Adidas Eyewear